Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer

CDPSE enhances your business value through effective IT governance.

The premier IT privacy credential

Provide technical

CDPSE focuses on technical implementation, addresses the top reasons for privacy failures in organizations.

A hiring

A CGEIT certification is the result of extensive research and feedback from IT governance subject matter experts from around the world.

CDPSE instantly declares your expertise

A CDPSE certification instantly declares your team’s expertise in building and implementing privacy solutions aligned with organizational needs and goals.

CDPSE provides a valid and reliable means for enterprises to identify technologists who are competent in incorporating privacy by design into technology platforms, products and processes, communicating with legal professionals, and keeping the organization compliant efficiently and cost effectively. 

Unlock New Opportunities!

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Jobs available with a CDPSE certification


Jobs that require or benefit from a CDPSE certification:

  • Cybersecurity Consultant
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • IT Project Manager
  • Software Engineer
  • Privacy Analyst
  • Technology Risk Auditor
  • Security Risk Analyst
  • IT Auditor
  • Privacy Manger
  • Learn In-Demand Skills

    • Identify privacy requirements
    • Collaborate with cybersecurity personnel
    • Implement a prioritization process
    • Identify issues requiring remediation
    • Perform privacy impact assessments (PIA)
    • And more!

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    One year subscription to over 1000+ sample exams questions, including two full-length timed CDPSE practice exams!

    A comprehensive and easy-to-navigate study manual that reinforces the important concepts covered in the CDPSE exam.

    Official test voucher for the CDPSE exam

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    Mitigate risk and enhance efficiency

    CDPSE holders bridge the gap between the legal and IT aspects of data privacy and facilitate a common understanding of privacy best practices.