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Master The Essential Skills

The Cybersecurity Essentials Training Package is designed to teach a range of technical skills and knowledge with a focus on cybersecurity skills.

The A+ certification covers a broad range of fundamental IT concepts, including hardware, software, networking, security, and data management. It is designed to provide a foundation for individuals who are looking to start a career in IT, or for those who are looking to gain a better understanding of how IT systems work.

The Security+ certification covers a range of topics related to cybersecurity, including network security, compliance, operations security, and threats and vulnerabilities. It is designed to certify that an individual has the skills and knowledge needed to protect against and respond to cyber threats.

Learn Networking Fundamentals

The Network Core Training Package is designed to teach networking principles and an associate-level comprehension of network infrastructure.

The Network+ certification covers a range of topics related to networking, including network architecture, protocols, and infrastructure. It is designed to certify that an individual has the skills and knowledge needed to design, configure, and troubleshoot networks.

The CCNA certification takes your networking proficiency to new heights. It dives deeper into network design, implementation, and troubleshooting, honing your skills in managing both wired and wireless networks. By earning CCNA, you showcase your well-rounded expertise, combining a solid foundation with advanced knowledge.

Protect Critical Assets

The Risk Management Training Package teaches the management and governance of information security, including the development and implementation of security policies and procedures.

The CRISC certification demonstrates to employers that an individual has a deep understanding of information security risk management. The CRISC certification is recognized globally as a standard of excellence in information security risk management.

CISM certification focuses on the management aspect of information security, including the development and implementation of security policies, risk management, incident response and disaster recovery. The CISM certification is recognized globally as a standard of excellence in information security management and governance. 

Think Like A Hacker

The Ethical Hacking Training Package validates your abilities in conducting in-depth security assessments.

PenTest+ validates your prowess in identifying vulnerabilities, exploiting them, and providing comprehensive reports to fortify an organization’s security posture. As a PenTest+ certified professional, you become an invaluable asset in ensuring the resilience of digital assets against potential cyber attacks.

The CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) certification validates your expertise in thinking like a hacker, enabling you to ethically assess and strengthen an organization’s security defenses. With CEH, you become a trusted professional, adept at safeguarding systems and data from malicious threats.

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Our Students are saying

Soldiers and Airmen can receive up to $4000 towards Cyber Brain Academy training and exam vouchers. Don’t miss your chance to become certified! CRISC can give you the knowledge, expertise, and credibility in your interactions with internal and peers.

“I’m not the one to really write reviews but I believe that CyberBrain absolutely deserves a great one. Prior to doing this bootcamp, I had no IT experience and cybersecurity was pretty much a different language to me. Thanks to Victor and his abundant knowledge of how cybersecurity works and test tips for the exam. He did a great job at simplifying the lessons to help a new student like me understand the course. The course is full of terms, definitions, and concepts to help you understand the terminology more efficiently. A month after prepping and fully utilizing his slides, practice quizzes, and exams. I was able to PASS the test with no IT background. Thank you Victor and Cyberbrain Academy!”

Jesse Margarini

“My experience with Cyber Brain Academy has been nothing short of absolutely outstanding! I am an active duty service member and used the Army Credentialing Assistance program to request exam vouchers for CISM and CRISC. Victor, CEO of Cyber Brain Academy, reached out to me via email and worked with me personally. The whole process was stress-free and a very pleasant experience. I would highly recommend working with Cyber Brain Academy if you are a service member using the Credentialing Assistance program. Thank you, Victor!”

Alston Sanford

“I wanted to share my experience attending Security+ class from Cyber Brain Academy. I’m a software engineer, with no exposure to the Cyber Security field. Despite this obstacle, Mr. Nzeata taught the class in such a way that anyone could understand and retain the definition and concept of whatever the exam could throw at you.
He also taught with enthusiasm that promoted students’ engagement for the class. Overall, I highly recommend Cyber Brain Academy’s Security+ class for those who want effective and efficient training for the certifications you’ve always wanted.”

Kangseon Cho

“Cyber Brain Academy is one of a kind. I have struggled to learn CompTIA Sec+ since the beginning of the year. It was not sticking with me. I lost hope of earning my certification until Cyber Brain Academy came along and taught me Sec + by providing me with real-life examples, ways to remember information, and implementations of the knowledge. Soon after the course was over, I scheduled my CompTIA Sec + exam for the following week. I passed on the first attempt with ease by reviewing the notes and going through the knowledge checks. Immediately after I passed my exam, I applied for cybersecurity jobs.”

Jose Flores
“I highly recommend Cyber Brain Academy. The instructor provided the tools and guidance I needed to pass the Security+ exam on the first attempt after 2 weeks of the live Bootcamp. After the completion of the course, because a lot was covered in our sessions, I immediately scheduled my CompTIA Security+ exam for the following week, and I made it through just fine. Thanks, Victor, for the resources and the instructions provided!! “
Ibrahim Swaray
“So happy to have come across this training school! I wouldnt have been able to obtain my Sec+ without it. Victor covered all the material to pass the exam using real-life examples, ways to remember information, and implementations of the knowledge. I will gladly be referring all my friends to sign up for this 2 wk bootcamp.”
Mari Martinez
“Highly recommend. Cyber Brain Academy provided the tools and guidance I needed to pass my ISACA Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) test on the first try after only 2.5 weeks of study. They helped me to not only understand the material, but to change my own understanding and thinking so I could embrace information security and management from the business perspective. “
John L
“I highly recommend Cyber Brain Academy live boot camp for the CISM certification or any certification. As we were covering domains, Victor made sure that I understood the material and provide multiple resources and real world examples that I could relate too. My next certification, I’ll definitely go through Cyber Brain Academy.”
Crystal Spaith
“After attending the CyberBrain Academy course and the resources and the instructions, I received paid huge in regards to my goals in the IT industry, being a Military Leaner, the classes were well built, and the education was broken down into terms I would understand! I was able to pass my CompTIA Sec+!! Thanks, Victor, for the help and guidance!!!”
Christopher Brooks
“The instructor went through the material. We got voucher for the exam after the class I pass my Security+ . I do recommend and I will be taking the class for CISM “

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Wondering where to start? Our Skills Roadmap simplifies the complex landscape, guiding you based on your interests and goals. Explore a personalized route to success, tailored to essential skills like ethical hacking and risk management. Let’s navigate the realms of cyber excellence together!

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