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Course Overview

CompTIA Security+ is a widely recognized entry-level certification that validates the foundational knowledge and skills required for a career in cybersecurity. This course covers essential security concepts, including network security, cryptography, threats and vulnerabilities, identity management, and risk management. Participants will gain practical insights into securing networks, systems, and applications, making them well-prepared to identify and mitigate security risks in various IT environments.

Why Choose Security+:

CompTIA Security+ is an excellent choice for individuals looking to start a career in cybersecurity. It is vendor-neutral, making it applicable across different technologies and platforms. Security+ is recognized by employers globally and serves as a valuable credential for roles such as security analyst, systems administrator, and network administrator. The certification provides a solid foundation for those seeking to advance in the field of cybersecurity.

Course outline

  • 1

    Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerabilities


    Types of Malware


    Social Engineering


    Application Attacks


    Wireless Attacks


    Cryptographic Attacks

  • 2

    Technologies and Tools


    Firewalls and VPNs


    Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems


    Security Appliances and Email Security


    Security Assessment Tools

  • 3

    Architecture and Design


    Secure Network Design and Architecture


    Secure Systems Design and Deployment


    Cloud and Virtualization Concepts

  • 4

    Identity and Access Management


    Identity and Access Services


    Identity and Access Management Controls


    Authentication and Authorization

  • 5

    Risk Management


    Risk Assessment and Mitigation


    Incident Response and Recovery


    Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

  • 6

    Cryptography and PKI


    Cryptographic Concepts


    Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)


    Implementing Secure Protocols

  • 7

    Final Review and Exam Preparation


    Practice Exams


    Review of Key Concepts


    Exam-taking Strategies

What's Included:

  • CompTIA CertMaster Labs
  • CompTIA CertMaster Learn
  • Official Security+ Digital Study Guide
  • Exam Voucher

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