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Course Overview

CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ is a foundational certification designed to equip individuals with the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of cloud computing. Covering essential concepts such as cloud architecture, security, governance, and migration, this course provides a comprehensive understanding of cloud technologies, making it ideal for IT professionals and business stakeholders alike seeking to harness the power of the cloud.

Why Choose CompTIA Cloud Essentials+:

CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ certification offers a solid foundation in cloud computing essentials, globally recognized credibility, and proactive readiness for the evolving industry landscape, ensuring career relevance and competitiveness in the dynamic realm of cloud computing.

Course outline

  • 1

    Introduction to Cloud Computing


    Understanding Cloud Computing Basics


    Evolution of Cloud Technologies


    Benefits and Challenges of Cloud Adoption

  • 2

    Cloud Architecture and Design


    Components of Cloud Infrastructure


    Cloud Deployment Models


    Design Principles for Scalability and Resilience

  • 3

    Cloud Security and Compliance


    Security Challenges in the Cloud


    Data Protection and Encryption


    Cloud Service Management Best Practices


    Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Governance

  • 4

    Cloud Governance, Risk, and Compliance


    Cloud Governance Frameworks


    Risk Management Strategies


    Ensuring Regulatory Compliance in Cloud Deployments

  • 5

    Cloud Adoption and Migration


    Strategies for Cloud Adoption


    Assessing Workloads for Cloud Migration


    Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning for the Cloud

  • 6

    Exam Preparation


    Practice Exams


    Review of Key Concepts

What's Included:

  • CompTIA CertMaster Labs
  • CompTIA CertMaster Learn
  • Official Cloud Essentials+ Digital Study Guide
  • Exam Voucher

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