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Course Overview

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is a globally recognized credential that demonstrates the knowledge and expertise required to effectively lead and manage projects. This comprehensive course covers a wide range of project management principles, processes, and best practices, ensuring participants develop the skills needed to deliver successful projects on time and within budget. With a focus on real-world scenarios and practical applications, this course prepares individuals to excel in project management roles across various industries and sectors.

Why Choose PMP:

Choosing the PMP certification is a strategic decision for individuals looking to advance their careers in project management. Recognized by employers worldwide, PMP certification signifies a commitment to excellence and professionalism in project management. The certification validates both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to lead teams, manage resources, and deliver successful projects. Whether you’re seeking career advancement or entering the field of project management, PMP certification sets you apart as a competent and capable leader in the industry.

Course outline

  • 1

    Introduction to Project Management


    Project Management Definitions and Concepts


    Project Management Plan Development


    Perform Integrated Change Control

  • 2

    Project Scope Management


    Plan Scope Management and Collect Requirements


    Define Scope and Create WBS


    Plan Schedule Management


    Develop and Control Schedule

  • 3

    Project Cost Management


    Plan Cost Management


    Determine Budget and Control Costs


    Perform Quality Assurance

  • 4

    Project Resource Management


    Plan Resource Management


    Estimate Activity Resources


    Develop Team and Manage Team


    Plan Communications Management

  • 5

    Project Risk Management


    Plan and Identify Risks


    Perform Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Analysis


    Plan and Implement Risk Responses

  • 6

    Project Procurement Management


    Plan Procurement Management


    Conduct and Control Procurements


    Manage and Monitor Stakeholder Engagement

  • 7

    Exam Preparation Strategies


    Study materials and resources


    Practice exams and simulated tests


    Test-taking strategies and tips

What's Included:

  • PMP Instructor Manual with Instructor Slides
  • Student Manual with real-world activities
  • Mastery Builders to ensure comprehension of key concepts
  • Spotlight Videos and Media
  • 250+ PMP exam practice questions
  • Exam Voucher

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